Prolure Türkiye

Category: Nature

Creator: Arastta Cloud

Launched on: 2017

Country: Turkey

Arastta Version: 1.6

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very lure in the Pro Lure range is born of a common purpose. Each lure is designed to catch more fish and better fish, more consistently. A Pro Lure design is ready for the market, only when our pro team believes the lure is, not only tournament ready, but can win a tournament. Our lures are designed by anglers for anglers and it is our shared, deep passion for fishing that drives Pro Lure performance. A Pro Lure design is not influenced by market concerns and budgets. Our lures are not a response to consumer trends or a dash for shelf space. We know, that only brilliant, well considered lure designs, take records and feature on tournament podiums. This is our goal and indeed our success. It is through our proven success in this field that we seek to earn a place in the tackle boxes of all Australians who share our passion for casting lures.

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